Sale of 2N (TELEKOMUNIKACE) products in United States

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Brand products 2N (TELEKOMUNIKACE)

9155101C / 107113

2N intercom IP Verso - base unit with HD camera

9155031 / 107121

2N Accessory Helios IP Verso keyboard/keypad module

9155045 / 146606

Fingerprint reader

9155016 / 107131

2N Accessories Helicom IP Verso flush-mounted box (3 modules)

9137906 / 98113

2N Software EntryCom Extended Video License

9137907 / 98114

2N Software EntryCom Extended Integration License

916116 / 194896

2N Access Unit M Touch Keypad & RFID - 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz, NFC

91379031 / 196041

2N Software Access Commander - Advanced license

91379030 / 178729

2N Software Access Commander - BOX+ license for +5 devices

9137955 / 184547

/2N Software My2N Mobile Video Device Credit Pool License


l intercom for emergency voice communication under extreme conditions