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Adder Technology was founded by Adrian Dickens, the British graduate of Cambridge University in 1984. The company became the manufacturer of equipment for the switching of electrical circuits. The production manufactured by Adder Technology is characterized by high productivity, which allowed the company to occupy and maintain a leading position in the market of goods, for transmitting and switching interface signals in computer equipment.

Due to excellent technical and operational characteristics, reliability, advanced developments, and effective pricing policies, the company's products are widely used throughout the world.

Adder Technology manufactures the following products:

  • equipment for providing user access to multiple servers from a distant place;
  • devices for transmitting signals at remote distances;
  • Video extenders
  • Innovative hardware providing remote control of computers and servers.

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Brand products Adder Technology


Adder Netzteil

190901, VSCD3V

DVI-D Dual Link Male - Male Cable 2.0 metre

490053, CATX-PS2

Catx PS2 Computer Interface Module

490060, X100AS/R-EURO

CatX User Station for VGA, PS2 and Audio WITH


USB A - USB B cable 2m

490131, X100-PS2/P-EURO

AdderLink X100 KVM extender 100 Mtrs PS/2PC Intrastat: 85176200 Country: GB

490335 ALIF2002P-EURO

AdderLink Infinity Dual:DVI, USB, Audio, Intrastat: 85176200 Country: GB RS232 over Gigabit Pair EURO PSU

490363 ALIF1002P-IEC

AdderLink Infinity Single with SFP, Pair Intrastat: 85176200 Country: GB


AdderLink Infinity Dual-DVI-D IP-Extender Set Auflösung bei: Dual Head: 1920x1200 Dual Link: 2560x1600 / 2028x2048 Anschlüsse Sender: - 2 x DVI-D Buchse, 2 x Audio 3,5mm Buchse, - 1 x USB Type B, 1 x DB9 Stecker, 2 x RJ45 Buchse Anschlüsse Empfänger: - 2 x DVI-D Buchse, 2 x Audio 3,5mm Buchse - 4 x USB Type A, 1 x DB9 Stecker, 2 x RJ45 Buchse Power: 5VDC, 12,5W, 1 x 2,5mm DC Buchse


Dual Monitor KVM,Remote Keyboard-Mouse- two DVI Video Signal For up to 100 mts or upper distance and 1920x1080 and CatX cable


X100 Extender für VGA und USB (100m)


Single Link DVI-D,bidirektionales USB (low&fullspeed) & Audio KVM-Extender Set


Fully featured USB keyboard, video and mouse extender


Short haul, fully featured, keyboard, video, mouse and optional audio extender for PS/2 and USB computers


KVM Extender

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