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Adapter plate (22 x VKT. 90) Spacer sleeve (Ø24 mm → 14 mm) Translation: i = 50.00 Output shaft: with feather Game: ≤ 10:00 arcmin Mounting position: free swiveling (S) Finish: BLUE RAL 5002 Commodity code: 84834029 Country of origin: Federal Republic of Germany Export List: AL: N Export Control Classification Number: ECCN: N


Standard planetary gear SP075S-MF1-7-0G1 / 1FK7060


Standard planetary gear TP025S-MF2-21-0E0 / 1FT5066-xxx

20034137; SP180S-MC1-7-1M1-2K-PS1 OEM



default planetary gear

475 CC

Lubricating replacment part 0.500 kg

Item No 200445874 PIN:2877580

PLANET REDUCER, Alpheno 30/2, i:36, Lubricated for life DMF 39/12, for KEB BRAND 200 HZ electric MOTOR ART. NO D4.SM.502-34B0

LP 050-MX1-10-X10

Servo Planetary GearHead SPEC: Ratio : 10 SERVOMOTOR : KOLLOMORGEN AKM Series Servo Motors : AKM23F

LP070S-MF2-25-1D1 / MPL-B310P

Art.NO. 10026153 standard planetary gear Supplied with adapter plate and spacer sleeve for mounting your engine Manufacturer: Rockwell, Type: MPL-B310P (motor shaft: Ø 16x 40) Mounting parts: Adapter plate (32 x VKT. 90) 10,003,935 Spacer sleeve (16 mm → 16 mm) 10000904transmission data 1) : Translation: i = 25.00 Output shaft: with key game: finish: ≤ 10:00 arcmin BLUE RAL 5002 [-] Installation: Free tilting (S)

LPK 050 M03 50 111

bevel gear with output shaft

REF : TPK + 110S-MA4-330-0E1/20028989

reducer reference steel angle

SKU 12029099024 / SP140SMF1101G12S


SP 1805-MC1-3 -1M1-2K

Lubrication: For Lifetime M1-M2-M4 FONK.ARAB SERVO MOTOR REDUCER S.No:2683428 İ:3 S-44/11

SP075S-MC1-3-1E1 / MSK050

default planetary gear

SP075S-MF1-7-1G1 / 1FK7063-5AF71

default planetary gear