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Saia-Burgess Controls AG is a subsidiary of the Honeywell Group. The wide range of products are used above all in the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning sector .The company's anual revenues to $ 75,8 million and it has over 200 employees. The headquarter locates in Murten,Switzerland. 

Saia Burgess Controls developsmanufactures and sells industrial electronic components and systems for control and automation technology since 1920. 

The company’s development and  production process bases on users' needs. 
The wide range of products varies from early mechanical switchgears to efficient control and automation solutions for integration into 21st-century IT systems. 

Saia-Burgess Controls (SBC) has a long history, the roots of which stretch back to the start of the 20th century .In 1920, the company "SAIA AG" (Société Anonyme des Interrupteurs Automatiques) was founded in Bern.  Meanwhile, the company "Burgess Products Ltd" was founded in Hinckley (UK) in 1935. This kind of business became a pioneer of modern microswitch mechanisms . SAIA AG belonged to Landis+Gyr from 1936 to 1986 
In 1951, the company moved from Bern to Murten, and expanded its area on Bahnhofstrasse.   Just ten years later, an additional building, Plant 2, at Freiburgerstrasse was opened. 
.Under the name PCA (Programmable Controller – Generation A) – followed the first generation of our Saia PCD controllers in the year 1978 and this was the entry into the current business field. 
In 1986, SAIA AG was sold to Burgess Products Ltd.  
In 1989, the two companies were combined under the name Saia Burgess by Williams Holding. This time the second generation of PLCs was produced on the market – the PCD (process control device). 
New business segments were launched in the following years, including the production of millions of stepper motors for the automotive industry. 
 In 1998, the company was renamed to  Saia-Burgess Electronics AG that appeared on the stock market. 
In 2001, Saia-Burgess Controls AG was founded,this gave new impetus of further innovations. 
 In 2005, the entire Saia Burgess Group was acquired by Johnson Electric from Hong Kong, a global player in small electrical drives 
Within two years, it succeeded in integrating the industry and automotive divisions into its own structures.  . Saia-Burgess Controls AG remained a separate unit, focussing on controllers,HMIs and electrical meters . 
With the ownership of Johnson Electric, in 2005 began the new period,that featired with high investments and countless innovations in production and logistics as well as the introduction of lean production. 
SBC continued to develop is winning formula for open communicative controllers  
 In 2012, Saia-Burgess Controls AG was purchased by the American company Honeywell Inc . This opened up new opportunities for SBC in Asia and the Middle East.  SBC guaranteeda high quality over a century

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Brand products Saia-Burgess

0..10V PCD2.W200

on the card

125V 1A

fuse FU1


Saia controllers Flash EPROM memory module



9000824 V3S-600

V3S microswitch

9100500 / V4NCSK2-0,5M

V4NC-Micro Switch


limit switch






Tempotac 4sec