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Brand products Schunk

0301585 IN 60/S-M12

(Proximity switch ø6,5x18, PNP, with 30 cm cable, M12)

0307137 / GWB 54

180°-Winkelgreifer, mit Greifkraftsicherung und kräftigem Kulissenantrieb

0313039 RZ 15

intermediate stop

0340041 MPG 32-AS

Pneumatic small parts gripper

0340310 KGG 80

narrow 2-finger parallel gripper with long Hub. ,

064794 300-50-17, T20018604

W. diam 12 h6 – 2306316/K707543, Hydraulic Expansion Chuck

0813060 ROTA 2B 250 Z220 1/16"X90°

2 BAKING POWER CHUCKS 2-jaw wedge hook power chuck Cylindrical Zentrierrandaufnahme Z220 Base jaws with serration 1/16 "x90

103 544 88


103 546 76

Ceramic plates




F 40.0 HYDR.DEHNSP.FUTTER . Art. No.: 4071-1501

310-50-012, T20049637 - OEM/customized

diam. 25 h4 – K1180787, Hydraulic Expansion Chuck

37371092 / PGN-plus 64-1-AS-SD

Universal 2-finger parallel gripper with large gripping force and high maximum moments thanks much tooth-slide. Stroke per finger: mm 6.0, include gripping force: 340.0 N.mit dust cover-replaces the PGN + 64/1-AS-SD ID: 37371400


Piston rod 44 GWB


DC MOTOR COAL, 12.40 * 31.90 * 43.70 DC MOTOR (800KW

0307136 GWB 44

Angular Gripper


- 1.9 mm, with a tolerance (- 0.02) mm;

IN 40-S-M8-SA ,301473


P/N: 0301032, Type: MMS 22-S-M8-PNP

electronic magnetic switches


Magnetic switch 3,9x3,1x22 , PNP, 30 cm cable, M8 plug