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Brand products SensoPart

p/n: 042-12825, Type: MA 18 A (Montagewinkel M18, justierbar)

(Accessory, mounting, mounting brackets, diam. 18mm, incl. Adapter sleeve M12, adjustable with screws)


SensoPart 30 RZX 2/310-Si Sensor accessories and special light guide

p/n: 608-11000, Type: FT 25-RHD-PS-M4

(3 ... 400 mm, red light, teach-in, PNP, connector M8 4-pin)

p/n: 740-21021, Type: FT 18-2 RM-PS-L4

400mm, metal threaded sleeve, red light, PNP, M12 metal connector 4-pin

740-21021 FT 18-2 RM-PS-L4

400mm, Metallgewindehülse, Rotlicht, PNP, Metallstecker M12 4-polig

ART.NO. 571-50009 [FR 50 RL-PAL4]

(20m, Laser, Potentiometer, PNP NO / NC, connector M12 4-pin)

608-11000 / FT 25-RHD-PS-M4

Diffuse mode sensor with background suppression

P/N: 740-21029, Type: FT 18-2 IDM-PS-L4

Photoelectric diffuse sensor


4 m, laser auto-collimation, 4000Hz, teach-in, PNP NO / NC, plug M8, 4-pin

FR 23 R-PSM4

Reflective sensor, F23, red light SN = 50-2500 mm, PNP N.O./N.C., 1kHz, IP67, Plug M8 4-pole, without teach-in

p/n: 740-21025, Type: FT 18-2 RWM-PS-L4

angled 320mm, metal threaded sleeve, red light, light output 90 °, PNP, Metallst. M12 4-pin.


Vision Sensors and systems

FT 20 R-PSM4

Reflexionslichttaster mit Rotlicht