Sale of Vuototecnica products in United States

Vuototecnica  -  is the European leader in the production of vacuum technology for process automation.

The rich experience gained over more than forty years of history, close cooperation with customers and the introduction of advanced scientific and technical developments into production which makes Vuototecnica's products unique in its segment.

That is why such concepts as "quality", "individual order" and "universality" are considered to be acquired and are now deeply entrenched in the corporate culture of the brand Vuototecnica.

Vuototecnica products are a model for "problem solving" for a long time. Vuototecnica is a true engineering partner that offers not only products of excellent quality, but also a wide range of ideas and solutions for optimizing production processes in various application areas.

Thanks to a full range of vacuum components such as vacuum pumps, vacuum generators, vacuum switches and a very talented team, Vuototecnica products can offer the best solution for your needs.

Brand products Vuototecnica

00 07 04 N

Elektrospule Standart / Standart electric coil '24 V DC '


Electric coil


Spare parts kit for 07 04 11 und 07 05 11

00 07 276

Spares for vacuum valve


Stecker für Magnetspule,

00 08 103

Mounting screw M3 with hole for 00 08 97


Holding plate for 00 08 70

00 11 116

repair kit for vacuum regulator 110410

00 11 121

repair kit for vacuum regulator 1 350

00 FC 15

(Filter insert for filters FC 35)

00 FO 19

(Replacement filter cartridge)

00 KIT MV 60


00 MV 60 50

(Filter insert for deoiling)


(Elektrospule/Electric coil)


(Holder for suction pads)

01 110 10 NBR

(Flachsauger oelbestaendig(NBR)/ Flat circular cups Oil resistant rubber)


cupping glass

01 12 20 S

Spezialsauger Silikon (S)/ Special cups Silicone

01 300 80 NBR

(Without Holder)