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Technical Specification (Datasheet, Manual, etc.):

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Brand products Accu-Lube

74036 / LB-5000 (5l)

Micro Metalworking Lubrication System

LB-5000 (20l)

20 liters of LB-5000 Accu-Lube, fatty alcohol



LB-2000/ 5 L

Heavy Duty MQL Lubricant

LB-2000/ 20 L


LB-2000 (1 litre)

Raffination von natürlichen Triglyceriden

LB-2000 (5 litre)

Raffination von natürlichen Triglyceriden

LB-2000(20 Liter)

Raffination von natürlichen Triglyceriden





LB-4000 (liquid)

5 liter container Accu-Lube

LB 5000

Pump spay

LB 6000 ( can of 5 liters )

Natural - Based, Moderate to Heavy - Duty Metalworking Lubricant LB 6000


Universal pump made of aluminum

LB-5000 ( 1 Liter )

Accu-Lube, fatty alcohol

02A1-STD 220V

Minimum quantity lubricant

D 9492

PUMP Center Bottom Feed

B 9491

PUMP Top Single Feed