Buy Wilkerson Products in the United States

Company Wilkerson is wellknown American manufacturer, which has a lot of customers not only in the USA but all around the world.

The main products of the brand is equipment that allows you to control and process compressed air streams.

The brand focuses on quality, environmental friendliness and product safety, which provides efficient use on any type of production.

Wilkerson’s products include equipment for a full range of air cleaning, including lubricators, filters, dryers, separators and drains.

The equipment, components and accessories are supplied as ready-to-use equipment or individual parts to form a cleaning system and control the movement of air flows.

Operation and features.

Products brand Wilkerson can be used on all types of industries, including food industry, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, and so on.

Its reliability, environmental friendliness and high level of cleaning will be relevant also for laboratory equipment and chemical industries.

Range of products.

Wilkerson's catalog includes hundreds of items and equipment modifications, additional accessories for monitoring and control, as well as fine adjustments:

  • filters;
  • pressure regulators;
  • lubricators;
  • combined systems;
  • dehumidifiers;
  • flow silencers and plugs;
  • valves;
  • adapters; 
  • air lines and more.

Each detail of air cleaning system, accessory or equipment from Wilkerson is a synonym of quality, reability and efficiency combined with environmental safety for staff.


Wilkerson manuals, pdf, datasheet

Wilkerson online catalog wilkerson.pdf

Brand products Wilkerson

080200018 50020-6-1/4

straight screw cylindrical Origin: Italy

085000004 F16-C2-F00

Filter with PC-tank + protection, automatic. drainage1/4 "BSP, 5 micron


Filter 1/2"


F39-C8-SL00 filter, metal container + sight glass, manual drain 1 "BSP thread, 5 micron


F39-C8-SH00 filter metal container + sight glass, automatic. drainage 1 "BSP, 5 microns


FRP-95-115 Filter element 5 microns to F26 / FP2

085080006 FRP-95-115

(Filter element 5 microns to F26 / FP2 Origin: United States of America)

FRP-95-014 (085080012)

plastic bowl and metal bowl guard with flex tip drain


FRP-95-505 Filter element to F35 5 microns

085300039 M16-C2-000

water separator/air

085381007 MTP-95-561

(Filter element Origin: United Kingdom (England))


Filter element


FRP-95-169 5 .mu.m filter elements (oberes- + lower element for F23)

085909999 XB3-C4-000

XB3-C4-000 water collector 1/2 "BSP Origin: third country

086000004, R16-C3-000

Pressure regulator with relief 3/8 "BSPP-G-threads, 0.4 to 8.6 bar Origin: United States of America


Druckregler G1/4“


Tamper Resistant Kit

086300006, P16-C3-L00

Precision pressure regulator Origin: third country

086320003 R21-C2-000

Regulator with Dial Gauge; Port Size: 1/4 BSPP(G); Pressure Range: 5 to 160 PSIG; Relieving


Air Regulator


R21-02-000 Manor Egler with self-venting 1/4 "NPT, from 0.4 to 11 bar Origin: third country


(CB6-04-000 Filter regulator, PC + container protection, manual drain 1/2 "NPT thread, 0 to 8.6 bar, 5 microns BC02 = serial number of the device)

086520101 B18-C2-FK00

Filter regulator, PC + container protection, manual drain 1/4 "BSP, 0.4 to 8.6 bar, 5 microns Origin: United States of America self-venting


B18-C2-FG00 Filter regulator, PC + container protection, automatic. drainage 1/4 "BSP, 0,4-8,6 bar, 5 micron


Filter regulator, PC + container protection, automatic. drainage 3/8 "BSP, 0,4-8,6 bar, 5 micron


(Filter regulator, PC + container protection, manual drain 1/2 "NPT thread, 0.4 to 8.6 bar, 5 microns Origin: United States of America Self-venting)

086520144, B18-04-CL00

Filter regulator, metal containers, sight glass, manual drain 1/2 "NPT thread, 0.2 to 2.1 bar, 5 microns self-venting

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