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Brand products Aten


USB kvm-cable

34606A / UE 2120

(USB 2.0 active extension, ATA UE2120, with signal amplification, Repeater, connector A to socket A 12m)

34606B / UE2120H

(USB 2.0 active extension with Hub ATA UE2120H, with signal amplification Repeater, A plug socket at 4x A, 12m)

57762B VS0201

(Monitorswitch ATA-2 in 1-out, VGA with audio, RS-232 controllable)


Audio / Video Splitter, Aten VS1208T, 8 times over Cat.5e

60660G / CE100

KVM (keyboard,video monitor,mouse) 100meter Usb kvm extender

60661C / CE250A

(Console Extender ATEN CE250A, 1PC, 2Arbeitsplätze, 150m)

60661E CE700A

Console Extender ATEN CE700A, 1PC -> 2 workstations USB for mouse Keyboard, up to 150m

60661F CE600

Console extender Aten CE600, DVI single Link + USB keyboard / mouse + audio + RS232 Extender set, up to 60m

60661F / CE600

(Console extender Aten CE600, DVI Single, Link + USB Transtatur / mouse + audio + RS232, extender set, up to 60m)

60661K (CE604)

(Console extender Aten CE604, 2x DVI + USB keyboard / mouse + audio + RS232 Extender set, up to 60m)

62637G / KA7570

(USB CPU Module, 50 meter, ATEN ALTUSEN KA7570)

62638B / KH1508A

(KVM Switch, 8-fold, ATA ALTUSEN KH1508A, 19 ", 1U)


VS1208T 8-Port A/V Over Cat 5 SplitterFedex International Off Shore Economy 2 BD Service


Use in CCTV system


(Console Extender, DVI Dual Link + USB keyboard / mouse + audio + RS232)




17" LCD Console (USB - PS/2 VGA) (turkish layout)


KVM console


8 Port 1u 17inch LCD KVM with Cable Bundle


(KVM Switch, 16-fold, ATEN CS1716i, IP based KVM over the Net, with remote)


KVM Switch, 2-fold, ATEN Petite CS62T, USB + Audio + file transfer


KVM Switch


USB CPU Module, 4.5 Meter Cable


KVM Switch, 8-port Cat5, ATEN Altusen KH2508A, 2 consoles

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