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Bühler Technologies GmbH was founded by the German entrepreneur Büller in 1969, Ratingen and entered the market of industrial equipment as a manufacturer of systems for the analysis of hydro automatic used in pumps and refrigeration units.

At present, Bühler Technologies has branches with more than a thousand employees in different countries. The company's annual revenue forms millions of dollars.

Company production:

Bühler Technologies actively develops and manufactures equipment for gas analysis and hydraulic automatics.

The following products are represented in the company catalogs:

  • Systems for sample gas probes
  • Bellows equipment for pumping probes
  • Devices for determining the volume of consumable gas /Gas analyzers
  • NOx Converters
  • Instruments for removing particles in samples/Particle monitoring devices
  • Devices for cooling or drainage of samples/ Gas cooler finders
  • Gas conditioning systems(Systems for preparing samples for analysis)
  • Accessories for mounting equipment

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Bühler Technologies manuals, pdf, datasheet

Bühler Technologies online catalog Catalog Fluidcontrol US.pdf
Bühler Technologies online catalog Catalog Gas Analysis US.pdf

Brand products Bühler Technologies

000031750 1063000

Level switch

000032244 1122000

temperature sensor

000032244 1126000

temperature sensor

000042826456121100000 / EGK-1SD

Compressor - gas cooler


Compressor-gas cooler


Pressure transmitter




(Plate heat exchanger BWT B25X080)

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