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Brand products Barberan


Digitalanlage in Breite 1260mm


Roller sensor

Model TF-1600, Nr 16251

paper cutting machine


digital printers


digital inkjet printer

RP-560030, Art code 103879

Wheel axle 22x250 mm

RP-500012, Art code 8590

Hexagonal axle for wheel of 22 or 30 mm

RP-500011, Art code 8589

Hexagonal axle for wheel of 50 mm

PLZB-502240270, Art N: 305699

Complete mounted wheel 50x22 mm

PLZB-503040270, Art N: 305714

Complete mounted wheel 50x30 mm

PLZB-505040270, Art N: 305712

Complete mounted wheel 50x50 mm

PLZB-8022METHO, Art N: 305736

Complete mounted wheel 80x22 metalic

PLZB-8022METCO, Art N: 305741

Complete mounted wheel 80x22/MET

PLZB-8030 METHO, Art N:305737

Complete mounted wheel 80x30/MET

RP-560076, Art N: 350065

Left fixing bolt 30x30x78

RP-560077, Art N: 350066

Right fixing bolt 30x30x78

1395/2 FIG.351, Art N: 31977

Trimming tool 75x20x16


Cutting Blade

RP-531400, Art N: 292364

Support shaft with spring

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