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Druckluftfilterregler.FR14E.G1 / 4 " Material: Aluminum body, hood POM, Seal NBR, polycarbonate container, complete with pressure gauge and mounting bracket, Temperature range up to max. 60 ° C, Filter porosity: 5 microns, inlet pressure: 1.5 to 10bar, control range: 1.5 to 9 bar, Condensate drain semi-automatic, flow: 2000l / min., Max. Condensate volume 10cm³


3/2 + 5 / 2.NAMUR.HA.FSVN.5307.24VDC 3 / 2-5 / 2-way solenoid valve NAMUR-FLEX, Material: aluminum, valve control head: Plastic RAL 5015, with combined spring - mechanically and air assisted, nominal width: 7mm, flow 1250 l / min, pressure: 1,5-10bar, Temperature range: -20 ° C to + 70 ° C, Protection: IP65, voltage: 24V, including FLEX PLATE, connectors and Fasteners, with manual override Air connection side


ELR.ER.M2.13030.000 End position feedback type ER.M2, RAL 5015, Material: Aluminum die casting, protection IP67, NEMA4, 2 microswitches 5A125-250VAC, 2 ports M20x1,5 (1x cable M20x1.5 + 1x stopper M20), with 3D Anzeigedom, mounting hole pattern bridge 130x30, wave supernatant 30mm, Material: Steel epoxy-coated black


PKL.BV10.16.AAC.DN150.143.NC.000 Pneumatically operated butterfly valve, Wafer, DN150, PN16, Housing: EN-JL 1040 (cast iron GG25) Ring: stainless steel 1.4408, seal: Viton, Flange connection according to PN6 / 10/16 / ANSI150, Overall length: 59mm accordance with EN558-1, with Pneumatic single-acting actuator GTWB.143x90 with 3D position indicator, 8 Spring drive parallel to the pipe built basic position: normally closed, consisting mounting kit ME.E.E.1007.2714 from mounting bracket and Wellendapter, Material: stainless steel, including assembly and Functional test, designed for Minimum control pressure 5,6bar

BV 4. 16. 150.66.66.CTFE.AT351.DA

Flange Stainless Steel Ball Valve


butterfly valve- wafer


Electro distributor



53619 Type PKL.BV10.16.AAA.DN250.143.DA.000

Pneumatisch betätigte Absperrklappe

BV10-2366E (DN40 PN10/16)

butterfly valve- wafer

BV10-2366E (DN80 PN10/16)

butterfly valve- wafer

BV8-6666T-PN16-TBORE (083077TT1080)

3wege Kugelh. BV8 316/CF8M/PTFE PN16 T-Bohr

BV8-6666T-PN16-LBORE (083077TL1080)

3wege Kugelh. BV8 316/CF8M/PTFE PN16 L-Bohr


Y filter with sieve

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