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Brand products Felm

F2 315 M-4

(Electric Motor,IP 55 Protection, MTG B3, Classe F/B,Cast iron frame,Brand CE,Tropicalisation,PTC,Terminal box TOP,132 KW,4 Poles,Voltage: 440V,60HZ)


Motor 3 ~ Aynchronous   No. 11071684,                  V. 230/460 Hz. 50 Delta / Y kW. 1.1, 4.2 A /                  2.43                  V. 460 Hz. 60 Y kW. 1.3                  2.43 A.                  rpm. 2800/3360

FELM-Y2 315M-4, MTG B3

Motor - kW132, rpm / p1485 / 4, V400 / 690,Hz50, MtgB3

FELM-Y2 315M-4, MTG B5 / V1 / B35

Motor - kW132, rpm / p1485 / 4, V400 / 690,Hz, MtgB5 / V1 / B35

MA 90L-4

Mounting B3 IP55, EFF %78,5 16 KG

IE3 - F3 200L1-2

Electric Motor

IE3 - F3 250M

Electric Motor


Electric Motor


CNC Tailstock motor for CNC#3


CNC Tailstock hydraulic unit motor


CNC Lubrication motor


Electric Motor

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