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Brand products Rosenberg

A10-28004 DH 280-2 E

(230V, 50 Hz, Mot. 68-45 Attic Fan horizon. ausb. ErP 2015)

A10-28006 DH 280-4 E

(230V, 50 Hz, Mot. 68-35 Attic Fan horizon. ausb.)

A10-40040 DH 400-4-4 D IP54

(400V, 50 Hz, Mot. 106-35 Attic Fan horizon. ausb.)



A20-07Q L=1195M3/H

airbox L = 1195m3 / h; P = 330 Pa

A20-07Q L=1485 M3/H

L = 1485 m3 / h; P = 320 Pa



A20-08Q L = 6360M3/H

airbox L = 6360m3 / h; P = 600 Pa, L = 4070 m3 / h; P = 520 Pa



A20-13Q L=16715 M3/H

airbox L = 16715 m3 / h; P = 550 Pa, L = 16715 m3 / h; P = 500 Pa


DVWN 500-4 D R = 120 ° C Mot.B5, 90, 1.5KW, KL, IE2 Wave 24mm, aluminum wheel Attic Fan vert. By Pass.


(DVW 630-4-4 D IP54, 400V, 50 Hz, Mot. 165-120 vert roof fan. By Pass.)

A36-50040 DHW 500-4-4 D IP54

(400V, 50 Hz, Mot. 137-75 Attic Fan hor. By Pass.)


[EKAD 250-4-4 IP54 400 / 415VD / Y, 50Hz, 50x30 Mot. 106-50, KS0,65m Channel Fan]

DQR 350-4 KS IP54, ART.-NR: E90-35095

380VY, 50Hz, Mot. 80-30, Axialvent. round wall plate drucks.Schutzgitter mounted

DRAD 224-4 B S (C10-22411)

400 / 415V, 50Hz, IP54 Mot. 80-100, KS 1.0m Radialvent. doubles. sucking

DRAD 356-4 IP54

400V, 50Hz, Mot. 137-220, KS 1.0m Radialvent. doubles. sucking

DV 355-4-4 D

IP54 400V, 50 Hz, Mot. 80-42 Roof fan vertical

DVW 450-4D IP54-A26-45061

MOTOR+FAN+HOUSING 400V 960W 1.7A 1320D/D


(ACFE 500-4 N A4, 230V, 50Hz, IP54, Förderr.'V' Mot. m. built terminal box Axialv. m. Grid type 4)

EDV NR 48201330010

Freezer fan 3*230V / 60Hz / 415W

ERAD 200-4 B S

(400 / 690V, 50 / 60Hz, IP54 Mot. 80-42, KS0,65m Radialvent. Single inlet)