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Brand products Ruhrgetriebe-Rgm

SN 3 F

0.21KW RGM Motor Gearbox Assembly, 460 Volts, .57 Amps, Three Phase, 60 HZ, 1650 RPM, SF 1.1, 1LA7063-4AB19-ZN02, IP 55, IM B14


protection  IP54 Voltage [V]  180/200 Three-phase   alternating current   direct current  X Frequency [Hz]   Speed ​​rev / min. approximately  3000/55 Reduction i  55: 1 Power kW]  0.12 design  B5 Flange dimensions [mm]  80 gear position  As specified Shaft position or mass [mm]  Hollow ø 11 x 23 max.Drehmoment [Nm]  13

GC 67/40-SN3

0.26KW 6.34 X 10 X 20 MODEL

SN 7


SN 8 F


A 17 U10 ø8

Schneckenrad (worm wheel)

SN5FL 120W - U24 C


A 31 U24 Ø10

Worm wheel

Output shaft for SN5FR

output shaft for gearbox