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Brand products Santerno

0350-0048 SINUS N 0005 2S XIK2 2,2KW

Nominal power 2.2 kW; 12,0A (150% 60sec; 200% / 0.5sec) Output: 3 x 0 - 230V; 0-400Hz Network 200 - 230 V +/- 10%, +/- 5% 50-60Hz Ambient temperature: -10 ° - + 50; 2 Analogeingäng 0-10 and 4-20 mA, and built-in potentiometer 5 prog. Digital inputs 8 fixed speeds 1 analogue output 0-10V, 1 relay output, one open Coll. exit Integrated PID controller, auto-tuning, Motorpoti Line filter external option 156x143x143mm (W) Weight: 2.6 kg


DCREG4.150 380/500 POT440VMAX Suitable for app. on DC motors, electromagets and DCsupplier for Inverters Armature rated current 150A / 150%overload Field rated current 15A / 425VDC max Power supply 3 Ph 0 - 440VAC / 50 - 60 Hz Local control from keypad (not included) 8 prog. digital inputs 4 prog. analog inputs 5 prog relay outputs 4 analog outputs (2 prog.) EMC compilant with EN 61800-3 2nd ed. 3 years warranty 214x440x264mm (BxHxT) Gewicht: 14,5kg


clamping Unit CU400 Clamping unit for electromagnets RC suppressor recommended for magnet activation 136x246x160mm (W) Weight: 4kg

SINUS M 0007/T BA2K2

frequency inverter


Clamping unit

ZZ0061018 15NUR

AC/DC Converter for DC Motors and Electromagnet Applications


Control board


Keypad DCREG LCD display