Sale of Sauermann products in United States

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Brand products Sauermann

722.4445, SI 2750 230V

Sauermann Tauwasserpumpe max.10L/Std.


Dissolving water pump


check valve

KS 2050

Tauwasserpumpe Zentrifugal

SI 2100

drainage pump 230vac,50/60hz,10LT/h


pump drainage 230V; 50-60Hz, 10W, TYPE IP54, for inner bodies 0 convector type.


Si10 - Mini Pump with Integral float

SI2052 / R9999

(Centrifugal pump for ceiling cassettes Air conditioners up to 20 kW with universal mounting bracket Max. Flow rate 70 l / h Max. Head: 0.95 m Dimensions: 88x75x94mm (LxWxH))

SI30CE01UN23 / Si-30

Sauermann condensation pump




condensate pump Si-82 230V max.500L/h. incl. PVC hose

SI82 3/8

Throat hose 3/8