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Brand products Seikom

56241 NLSW2AS3 24V AC/DC

Air flow monitor 0 ... + 80 ° C Sensor protection

56242 F2 SOND.1

Air flow sensor for NLSW2aS3


(Air flow sensor Immersion depth ca.:50mm Weight approx 150g / St.)

F3 4034

air flow sensor /// Air-flow sensor

NLSW45-3 230 V AC

Flow Controller incl. Sensor 107 04HTW40CF600

NLSW45-4 230VAC NR.74297

Strömungsß and air flow monitor operating voltage 230 V 50 Hz Switching output 1 changeover Standard housing 45 mm wide Type examination By J TÜV NORD according to DIN EN 61010: 2011ß07

P/N: 50276 Type: F3

Air Flow Sensor

P/N: 80399 Type: G1/2 / PG7

Reducer For sensor F2/3,8 RLSW etc

F6.2 75104


50276/130/Ex ST

Luftstromwächter für Ex-Bereiche (Auswertegerät ohne Fühler)