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Brand products Sonceboz

6155 R381

Step motor


Permanent magnet stepping motor holding torque: 75 mNm Phase current: 00:34 A bipolar Step angle: 7.5 °

Serie 6407 (Art Nr.: 6407R009)

Slimline Stepper Motor


Slimline stepper motor

6500 R 753 oem

motor stepper 1.5 A/ph 06/ W 29.


stepper motor

6540 R191 112A/PH.

magnetic motor


Bipolar Hybrid Stepper Motor


Stepper motor / stepping motor Hybrid stepper motor type 6540-13-2-36 Holding torque Nm 00:11 A phase current 00:26, bipolar


Motor-type bipolar 4 door 1.8 ° pitch angle Akim / Faz 2.4A mekanique proprieter: Mil diameter 6.35 mm  20 mm Motor length 100 mm Flansche 47 mm Mounting

820R011 OEM

(Battery Chart Drive11 Selectable speeds with off switch:Off, 60m, 96m, 12h, 1d, 2d, 7d, 8d, 14d, 16d, 31d, 32dMounting Plate: UniversalRotation: CCWOutput shaft: ¼” D-W FlatApproximate weight: 1.2lb eachPower Supply: 1.5 V Alkaline – “C” size Battery (not included))


chart drives


chart drives

9103R002 discontinued, no replacement

Mikroschrittmotorendstufe / micro stepping driver

Art.-Nr. 9103R002 (Typ / type: SMD 9103)

Mikroschrittmotorendstufe / micro stepping driver