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Brand products SSB


motor type:GPG-01/20-0413.16.15.00Ü


04004-H/DC104V/B012 04004-H/DC104V/B012


Ceds Synchronous drive Type: DARF-WH010-0410.04400.00 tension: AC400 V star frequency: 100Hz current: 3,4A speed: 150min-1 mode S3-40% motor protection IP54 motor cooling: external fan 230V / 50Hz gear type: WH010 reduction: i=20:1 hollow shaft: ᴓ30mm driven flange: site A weight: ca. 22 kg


CEDS DC motor type GXTF-0927.40215.94 Rated power 11/27 kW, operating mode S3-60 / 10%, Ankerspng./Strom DC 400V / 33 / 81A, Err./Spng DC 200V / 1.9 A, Nenndrehyahl 1500 min-1, B3, motor shaft 42x110 mm, terminal box A1, Schutyart IP 54, Isolierstroffklasse F, Wicklungsschuty PTC thermistor 150 ° C, Electromagnetic. Brake Type 09412, -Spng./Strom 24 V DC / 4.9 A, DC tacho generator type T-GPT 030R00 - Ausgangsspng. 30V / 1000 min-1, Motorhuehlung Fremdluefter, voltage / current AC 400V Sterm / 1.3 A with Stroermungswaechter, Mass sheet GMO 09.8-022-1, coating RAL 5010

31-35-21-000038 TACHOBREMSE 05103/ DC 104V/ BO20

Type: DSIF-FH68-0511.208.51 Nr: 07-003681 P: 1.1kW brake for the motor above

32FGH NR: 0302 6141 I : 17.7

flat gear which goes on the motor driving this gearbox.


External fan BG90 230V / 50Hz


Tacho T-GPT 030R00 +/- bei 1000 min-1


Rotor with brake lining


Zulinderschraube with Allen


FDB compression spring 8; 11.5x26


External braking resistor; Type FZMQ 400x65-80 Value 80 ohms Power 600W at 100%


Optional line filter for Uni SP 2401-2404 Type FS-6008-32-07


power 0.55kW Voltage 400 V Stem Frequency 85 Hz Current 2.0 A Speed ​​0-2400 min -1 Brake AC 230 V / 0.20 A / DC 104 V Engine cooling self Lufter IP 44 Execution as Engine no. 9551014 7001


100Hz; 3000 v/min


15 kW, 220 V star, 100 Hz, 0-3000 r.p.m., 74,5 A, IP55, F, Eigenlufter, Thermoschalter 150 C, B3, B2, 42x 110mm, RAL 9018

DAPME- 0410.04300.45

Nr: 17-027455 U: Y 400V, 137 Hz I: 1.9 max.7.5A n: 600 – 4110 /min P: 1.0kW Brake: DC 24V, 1.2A


Nr: 17-024819 U: Y 400V, 137 Hz I: 3.1 max.12.0A n: 600 – 4110 /min P: 1.6kW Brake: DC 24V, 1.2A